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Its been a while and i was Definitely not thinking of writing today. But being that today is my birthday i took more than a few minutes to look back and reflect on all the things i have achieved as well as the blessings i have recieved this previous year and i could not be more grateful to God for the gift of life as well as the lives of those around me. Like each and everyone of these beautiful souls has impacted my life in one way or another this year. These highlights include but are not limited to starting this blog with Derrick and Christine, learning to how to ride a bicycle, with the help of one of my bestfriends, my younger brother as well as Derrick and Christine (not physically but they provided words of encouragement as helped me celebrate every milestone) my support system that i am forever grateful for(yeah it reallly does take a village to teach an old dog new tricks😂😂😂)

I am not saying it has all been rosy because i have Definitely had my fair shot of battles i had to fight and challenges i had to overcome. Such as losing my grandmother, fighting back tears Everyday But most Especially on special holidays because i would be Missing her a great deal (i still miss her But i am a tard bit more grateful for the life We shared ( trying not to dwell on the could have Beens that Never Got to happen) and trying to be as Happy and strong as possible because i am scared to show anything less than (like I would rather bottle my feelings up and fight whatever battle I am facing alone than talk about it and I know it’s definitely not a healthy way to live but I am definitely working on it)

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I somewhat feel like my faith in God was also on the line, from questioning some of His decisions (which I definitely know I should not be doing because He knows better but I was an emotional wreck at that time), throw in some bit of backsliding and you would probably have the perfect recipe for a gone case. But surprisingly I managed to work through it (let’s just say the fact that my Grandma was the person who helped me to learn more about God and she was the most God fearing person I knew so her life being cut short really didn’t sit well with me but it seems like she was still helping me even from beyond because it was still because of her that rediscovered God and got to love Him more).

But all that aside I hope you all have a great new week and thanks for reading.


Ps: We are so sorry for being absent lately but we are definitely working on some more content and most of it will be up during the summer holidays 💃🏾💃🏾

To evolve is everything…


So first things first, being a regular in writing has been tougher than anticipated. I thought every week we’d always whip up something for y’all to read but Alas! Easier said than done.

So today I want to talk about being human and the one constant we’re all good at EVOLUTION. I will not be taking a dive into history talking about early man or even Adam and Eve….well that’s a tale for another time maybe. The kind of evolution I seek to pen is about us as people and our ability to constantly change depending on people, environment and whatever we may or may not choose to expose ourselves to. The intentional and unintended ways of coping and being different from who we were before.

I admire how one can look in the mirror and say no…I need to look better, feel better, speak better and then they become that which they want, merely because they wanted it badly enough and were willing to put in the work! I myself have been on a fact finding mission about self. Asking questions like who am I? Do I even like her? Why or why not? Can I do better? Can I be better? Where have I gone wrong in the past? How can I change that for all future interactions?

I have to be honest with you. Change is hard! Rewiring the mind to a whole new foreign mindset is tough. I read somewhere once that trying to change is like uncoiling a tightly coiled/wound wire in a whole other direction. It can be done but given a chance, it’d rather stay in its previously coiled position. For instance lately, I’ve been trying to master reading the bible and praying everyday as well as working out and living a generally healthy lifestyle. I cannot begin tell you how many times I quit or just plain didn’t care or even gave excuses from here to high heaven. The times I’ve let people’s opinions determine just how hard I should or shouldn’t be working on something. Words like “your size is perfect any skinnier and you’d look bad’…’you should eat some **insert unhealthy food** life is too short to not enjoy everything you want’ …’wow you’ve gained weight (after a week of constant workouts).’

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, not the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.”  – Charles Darwin


I have come to learn though, being human is to understand that goals are personal, hard work is important and failure is part of the learning curve. Like Charles Darwin said “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, not the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.”  I know the person I am today is different from even two months back. So thing is what kind of material are you reading (I personally prefer the bible lately), who are you letting inspire you, how often do you dig deep, admit your shortcomings and learn from them, are you forgiving others and yourself, are you choosing to be happy despite it all, what kind of company are you keeping, are you being the best you can be? If not what are you doing differently???? Most importantly…do you even care?

Getting the Summer Body ready!



Who am I kidding? My body will not look like that (as shown in the image above) this summer 🤣🤣🤣 but I’m not saying I won’t try to hit the gym and get at least a blurred similar looking one . In fact I have already started hitting the gym.

Last week was my first week in about a month and a half to re-hit my workouts. Considering this is our first AfroCocktail HEALTH & FITNESS post I wont go all fitness-guru on y’all and also due to the fact that I’m only a year old in the gym.

With this weeks post i just want to share some of the tips I’m following how to get in shape and stay in shape for summer;

  • Commitment. Well this has to come of top of the tips as it is the most important, For us to embark on this journey of health and fitness as a lifestyle we need to be extremely committed to our goals. A year a go when i started working out, this was the only thing that kept me going, There are days i would feel mentally tired from school or i felt like drinking some soda instead of a milk or yogurt or water but i had to push through and stay committed. Trust me that was the time i got the most gains!!
  • Your goals are personal. There are times back at school when i almost failed to walk that path to the gym because i felt shy to go to the gym (because i was skinny as f***) and i felt afraid about what other people would say. I recall hearing people whispering something like ‘why is he even going to the gym….” and yet they didnt know my goals. That;s exactly why I’m telling you to stay working on your goals as a personal want. What others think, whether you are overweight or you just have potbelly doesn’t matter. Its your body and you’ll work on it the way you want.
  • Nutrition/Diet. Well this is very important too. Research what diet and nutrition you need to achieve your goals or summer bod as i call it and stick to eat. Recently I ran an instagram story on my account @derrickmuheki asking people if eating 3 boiled eggs as part of my diet and wow! over 60 % said no which was so hilarious because normally they would be right but considering the nutrition plan that I’m following for weight gain they are wrong.
  • Lastly, read and continuously check on our blog for the HEALTH & FITNESS posts. Vanitah, Christine and I are all currently starting serious workout goals for summer and will be sharing with you our experiences, tips and amazing smoothies till the summer! Lets get our summer bods ready.💪🏽💪🏽

Thanks for the read! Leave a comment below.







Travel Diary: Trip to Norway

Huh! Where do I start? I think it all began on a Tuesday afternoon when I set out to go winter shopping in Kampala (where it’s summer all year long!) That is say was the hardest this for me because I had never really experienced winter 🥶! I tried imagining how cold it would be but the clothing I got wasn’t as warm as it ought to have been. I then strolled into a Ugandan crafts gift shop and the reception o got there was overwhelming!! They literally thought I was a foreigner getting some souvenirs of my trip and guess what I played along 😅😅 and probably got them for a higher price but it was fun playing foreigner in my own country! The love you get is overwhelming I’d say 😂😂😂

Anyway so Wednesday afternoon I set off on a flight to my first stop at Dubai where I was lucky to have a visa and slept at a good hotel for the night before my morning flight to Oslo, Norway! That morning a my Dubai International Airport, I met some two beautiful Kenyan girls and it turned out they were going to attend the International Student Festival in Trondheim ( the festival I was also attending for my trip) and we hit it off! Probably not in the way you’re thinking. Anyway so arriving at Oslo and stepping out of the plan from the back entrance meant I felt a good -8 degrees Celsius that I had never felt before! Sh*t!! My jacket (that I thought was warm) wasn’t of any help 😱😱 at this point I couldn’t imagine spending two weeks in such cold!!! When I got off the domestic flight from Oslo to Trondheim, it was cold but not like Oslo. About -2 degrees. And well the rest was a good time after that.

With this festival, I got to meet amazing people from different countries in the world. It was amazing and extremely diverse! The workshop group that I was attached to “Big City Life” honestly turned to be The Absolute Most!! It was such a great Norge-family to wake up to see, play with, chat with, debate with, and PARTY HARD with! I feel so honored to have met each and everyone of them. One of the memories I’ll never forget was the last Saturday night together at Sophie’s (our workshop leader’s) house. It was the most! By now you’re wondering what the most is but in quick translation ‘it’s just the best feeling you could get out of the moment you’re in’ basically ceasing the moment. We took so many shots (or atleast Ana and I did😅) and we danced sooo much!!! Plus i loved how we danced to music from each country we were representing.

My amazing diverse workshop family

This festival taught me a lot about the current issues going on concerning migration and the refugee crisis in the world today. Through the discussions and the few plenary sessions that I attended, I was able to grow in knowledge and this opened my eyes to play which ever part I can to make a change. Humanitarian. That’s the word I was looking for. It was a life changing experience! I wish I could write up everything that happened but that would be an extremely long post. Thanks Trondheim and ISFiT!

Our countries and Residence

To all the new friends I met and the old ones I re-met in Trondheim, you’ll always have a special place in my heart. I know we’ll meet soon somewhere around the World!

<Photo Credit: @julydragan on instagram

This post also appears on my personal blog at derrickmuheki.wordpress.com

With Sophie and Emily

– Derrick Muheki