Hey everyone! Now I’m home again after the trip to Mallorca, had a wonderful time! I was there with my family for a week but I would have liked to be there for 1 month if it was so … Because I really have trouble with the change of environment. It takes ages for me to at least start getting used to this cold Nordic weather (truthfully speaking i have Never gotten the hang of it). So when I got home I was inwardly screaming and praying for summer to kind of have a magical reappearance but to no avail. Like seriously falling back into my day to day scheduled routine after a full week of chilling, resting and lounging without a care in the world 🌍 just made me restless and sad. (Don’t get me wrong I was definitely happy to be back home because I missed everyone but that doesn’t mean I didn’t long for a tiny extension of my Mallorcan getaway). Anyway enough about my post getaway inner turmoil and let’s get to the juicy bits of my trip!

On a Friday night at 22 o’clock we landed in Palma de Mallorca after a 4 and half hour flight. I was happy with the fact that it was an evening flight because that gave me a window to get done with the things I had to do for the day before I embarked on my trip. When we landed we went by bus from Palma airport to the hotel in Can pica fort Where We would be spending the next few days. Saturday started out with a Nice breakfast buffet (Which had a Nice Range of food studs from bacon, eggs and potatoes to salads, fruits, cakes and cookies plus oats and cornflakes. This was such a welcome relief since i am literally so Picky with my food). After this We spent majority of the day lounging around pool because We were so tired from the night before to literally do anything else. Plus this also gave me a Window to catch up with Derrick and Christine since it had been a while since We last did that( our banter is in Its own lane). We had our lunch and dinner at the hotel too. On Sunday after the breakfast we went to the Beach (ot was packed with a lot of tourists with made the task of finding a spot sit literally impossible. Once We were done with that in the late evening, We did some widow shopping as We headed back to our hotel with our sand selves( there was sad everywhere🤦🏾‍♀️😂)

On Monday, we went on a leisurely boat ride tour of Cap De Formentor and here I got to enjoy the breathtaking view of the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range, which forms the northern coastline. We sailed out from Port de Pollenca, where the trip went to Cap de Formentor – It was such a beautiful trip with a couple of bathing stops along the way. Our lunch was also which we enjoyed on the boat was also included in the price. (Sadly I didn’t take any photos because I forgot my phone at the hotel. So me 🤦🏾‍♀️)

It rained quite a lot on Tuesday so I spent majority of the day indoors and at night our hotel hosted a delicious Mallorcan- style barbecue after which we were entertained with live music. ( I also got to try a really tasty Mallorcan cake 🍰 whose name I can’t remember 😬)

on Wednesday and Thursday we went shopping but sadly I was under the weather. I got to try the traditional Spanish paella with lobster 🦞 but It just wasn’t my cup of tea so I ended up just getting chips, beef and sauce with my go to drinks throughout the entire time I was in Mallorca- smoothies except for once or twice when I would get the alcohol free cocktails 🍹.

On Friday which was also our last day of the trip we went to a traditional Mallorcan market in the historic town of Sineu, where lively trade was taking place among the locals as well as us the tourists in the market square and in the small streets. The price of everything from fruit and vegetables to clothing and utensils – even with animals as the only remaining market in Mallorca, is bargained for. After a visit to the market, we went to the east coast and the city of Porto Cristo, where we entered the Hams cave itself. Here we saw the beautiful formations of dripping stones and experienced the impressive natural-created caves. I bought some paw paws ( because it had been ages since I last ate one) and mangos which I brought back home with me along my other purchases.

Till the next post, Vanitah

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