How we met…


Afro cocktail is probably not the most ideal name one would think of when it comes to a blog, but Hey we are africans and we love drinking plus our culture feels more like a fusion of a little bit of everything just like cocktails. We usually get together with our friends to buy drinks, have fun, party and all but how cool is it to get together with your friends to do something you all love and are really passionate about like writing a book, opening up a store or randomly starting a blog 😉.

Even if we went to the same school We were initially not as as close back then as we are now. We were nothing more than mere strangers back then. (Well I believe they didn’t even know that I existed back then 😂😂). I bet the only thing we had in common was our friendship with Chris (yeah he is that one friend that gets unintentionally left out because he won’t show up) oooohhhh and probably being in the same house with Christine.

What I distinctively remember about both of them from that time is probably Christine’s philanthropic work at Sanyu babies home. And well Derrick 😂😂, i could talk about that one time him and a bunch of other guys showed up to their last s4 rollcall in skirts or how him and other Saf boys used to terrorize us with their laughter as we walked past their table in the dining hall (much as I love him now, I would probably have wrangled is neck back then if I had the chance 😂😂). Long story short we kind of met on Snapchat and trust me when i say it has been one of the best things that ever happened in their lives ( jk.) but it’s definitely one of the greatest things that have ever happened to me. These two are the Best support system a girl could ever ask for. The understanding, love and support is forever present even if we don’t talk everyday (because of our crazy schedules and time differences plus i am bad at calling and Texting people). These two dwanzis are the kind that will cry, celebrate and stand by you through all situations and i love them for that. I am a very loyal person <that kind of ride or die friend> just like my two co-bloggers and it’s just funny how we are so different yet so alike. But that’s a story for another day.


So how did I meet these guys?

Let me start with Vanitah. Interesting as it may seem, we are from the same secondary a.k.a. high school (King’s College Budo), but while there, our lives had never crossed paths, her being classes below me and all. We actually became friends via Snapchat. So she happened to be friends with an old friend at the time. I’d heard of her in that dismissive way you get to know about a friend of a friend. I am not sure who reached out first, via DM but I was very sceptical. You know how you just cannot trust the internet, I really thought she had an agenda. However, I gave her the benefit of doubt and well the rest is history. (PS: I am still weary of internet DMs, she was just the special exception). I just had no idea that I’d meet a friend for life; someone with the right mix of humour, empathy, kindness, ambition all tied up in one tiny knot of woman. Life…

As for Derrick, well he is my SPECIAL person. We met at King’s College Budo still and were pursuing the same combination (Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics) for the advanced level, a class of 3 girls and 33 boys. That’s an intimidating static despite feeling anything but. Me and Derrick became fast friends, with his unending laughter and ready smiles, it was a match made in heaven. We always sat next to each other in the mathematics lessons and it was a never a dull moment. I might have aged backwards due to that constant laughter (we do laugh a lot!). Well after high school, we joined university at the same time, were in the same hostel, did karaoke together, cooked, laughed more, talked life and generally grew as humans. I think he was the most constant person in my life at a point where most friendships were swinging doors. I always knew to expect a friend in him regardless plus my go-to for a good laugh…always.

I am glad we happened to be in the same universe at the same time and crossed paths. These guys really give me life ☺️.


//Typed on my work desk on Friday evening right before leaving work. 

Ha, Hard question! Well How I Met Christine is easier to answer. In A-level, Christine joined my school, King’s College, and she was from Namagunga ( a school we all knew had hot chics and were frankly always excited to meet). She just so happened to be in my class in which we talked mostly in the maths lessons since we happened to sit across each other on the same table. Christine and I together with two other acquaintances at the table in that maths class called ourselves “the corner”. All I can remember about that corner is that we laughed all the time, it was crazy. Hell, we almost failed maths. We probably never got chased out of that class because the teacher was her uncle hehe. Anyway i guess that’s when we really clicked and once we were at the university and living in the same hostel we practically talked all the time. We cooked food together. Hell, we even gossiped haha. We went on fun Karaoke nights alone on Mondays and we even sang “Call me maybe” and literally shut down the entire bar that Monday haha. Good times!!! I miss hanging that much. We were literally in each others business so much that we got close to Vanitah together.  

I guess this in now the best time to introduce how I met Vanitah. Well, it was through social media. I know what youre thinking, I slid in the DM. heheh. Nope. We were snapchat friends and we definetely watched each others stories. Till you know we got to chatting, which led to me knowing that she was in King’s College too. So yeah! It turned out that we were all in the same school at the same time. And before i knew it, Christine also knew her from snap and we were always facetiming her since she lives in Denmark. Trust me, Vanitah is hilarious! and she also cares about her friends. She’s just good good vibes. We all got so close that we actually hosted on each others snap accounts.

Finally, a few months back, Christine and I got to meet Vanitah for the first time when she came to Kampala for like a week. It was such a good dinner. We caught up, laughed, ate and started the idea for this blog.